AGE 25
Tournament stats
Group Stage
Bottom Seed Playoffs 4-1
Eliminated 2-2
About FoxyGrampa

With his back against the wall, F0xy Grampa was able to secure his spot in ELEAGUE through the Last Chance Qualifier in Atlanta. Currently ranked 8th in the Injustice 2 ProSeries, he was one of the players expected to make it out of the LCQ with his impressive mechanics on Deadshot that showed deadly in the tournament. Coming from the United Kingdom, he expects a repeat of his performance at the LCQ to bring him home the trophy.

  • Deadshot Deadshot

Floyd Lawton is “the” human arsenal, his aim lethal from any range. Having escaped imprisonment during the Regime, he now enters the fray as an expert assassin for hire, forced to contend with the fact that Grodd has come into possession of the detonator to the Personal Explosive Device implanted in his head.