AGE 19
Tournament stats
Group Stage
Eliminated 2-3
Did not qualify
About SonicFox

Known for his signature blue furry hat, SonicFox is one of the best to have played Injustice 2. While he studies at New York Institute of Technology he divides his time between school and professional playing. As the number 1 ranked player in the Injustice 2 ProSeries, SonicFox is the name to beat in Injustice 2.

  • Red Hood Red Hood
  • Captain Cold Captain Cold
  • Black Canary Black Canary

Jason Todd once served as Batman’s second protégé "Robin" before being brutally murdered by The Joker. Years later, the powerful healing waters of the Lazarus Pit brought Jason Todd back to life. However the power of the pit comes at a cost, and a change takes hold in Jason. He now uses mantle of the Red Hood to wage a lethal war on crime.

Sworn to ending all crime, the Regime hunted down and brutally executed every member of the Rogues, including Captain Cold’s sister. Using his skills as a thief and his iconic Cold Gun, Cold now seeks his vengeance. He’ll gladly use the Society to achieve it.

After the fall of the Regime, Superman now remains a permanent resident of a prison built to contain and suppress the man of steel. Still grieving the loss of Lois and their unborn son, Superman maintains that peace can only be achieved through subjugation -- But as a new threat looms, can old enemies forge new alliances?