Tasty Steve's Tasty 10

June 1 - July 13, 2018
ELEAGUE Arena, Atlanta, GA

By: Steve Scott

Date: June 25, 2018

After plenty of tense matches – arguably some of the best Street Fighter V I've seen since Evo Japan (and trust me, that’s saying something) – we finally have our Invitational 2018 Playoffs players set in stone. Over the last several weeks, we’ve spoken a lot about our players and how they have fared competing in tournaments of the past, but this time around, let’s take a look at some of their more recent Street Fighter play. This will be a collection of the best examples of world-class matchups here at the ELEAGUE Invitational! So, instead of picking individual players, let’s get to the top 10 matches. Get ready to count them down with the Tasty Top 10!

JB vs MenaRD


Match: Group A: Round-Robin


JB came into the Invitational from ELEAGUE’s “The Challenger” miniseries, and was therefore an underdog in the opinion of the untrained eye. Nevertheless, his group held some of the best players in the world. For more proof of why JB deserved to be there in round-robin play, he managed to beat none other than the Capcom Cup champ MenaRD. This was a fun back-and-forth match with some tense high-level scrambles and an exciting ending.

Tokido vs MenaRD


Match: Group A: Round-Robin


The Capcom Cup 2017 runback happened at the ELEAGUE Invitational! MenaRD has made Birdie a global threat, but Tokido and his world-class Akuma had something to prove, especially after that devastating loss at the Capcom Cup Finals. Everyone was expecting fireworks, and the adjustments made by Tokido that lead to his victory sure reminded us why he’s a world champion!

Daigo vs Infiltration


Match: Group D: Round-Robin & Playoffs


Best believe me when I tell you that this match had me literally screaming with excitement; look no further than the names of the two players to understand why. Daigo vs Infiltration had some of the most amazing series of plays at ELEAGUE; this was grand-finals-worthy match material. Daigo, the Street Fighter icon, against Infiltration, the Evo Japan champion. In these matches, we got first-hand accounts of how Daigo received his nickname, The Beast! Plus, Infiltration showed exactly why he has faith in his Menat play. This was legendary Street Fighter play, people!

Fujimura vs Daigo


Match: Group D: Round-Robin & Playoffs


Another Beast sighting from the Group D playoffs! Right from the start, Fujimura looked to be on a path straight for the finals. The Ibuki main and real-life ninja had some of the best results out of the day, but would still have a hard time against Daigo’s Guile. This was definitely a worthy set of matches, as both participating players will be heading into the playoffs of the 2018 Invitational.

NuckleDu vs Smug


Match: Group C: Playoffs


This next match is one of the rivalries we've seen develop within the Street Fighter V scene since the game’s release: NuckleDu, the Capcom Cup champion, against the Professional Puncher, Smug! This is what happens when two players who have extensive knowledge of each other’s personal playstyles and thought processes compete at a very high level. The set of matches confirms that the next generation of Street Fighter is in great hands.  Trust me: this is a great set to watch, people!

Commander Jesse vs Momochi


Match: Group B: Playoffs


In this match-up, "The Challenger" runner-up Commander Jesse used his Dhalsim to really test Momochi, a SF4 Capcom Cup Champion. With Momochi running his favorite character, Kolin, however, Jesse definitely had a difficult task in front of him. Regardless, this set of matches was a great display of what Jesse's skill and passion bring to Street Fighter V, especially against a fighting game legend!

Punk vs Phenom


Match: Group B: Playoffs


Speaking of historic match-ups, this battle is another rematch, this time from last year’s 2017 Invitational finals.  Punk and his Cammy were once again challenged by Norway’s Phenom, that Necalli player with a chip on his shoulder.  It’s been a year since they've last played on the stage, and this set was well worth the wait! Ultimately, it was Punk who won out and advanced to the playoffs, capitalizing off of some familiar mishaps from my friend Phenom.

Luffy vs Dogura


Match: Group A: Playoffs


Coming out of the Group A round-robin, Luffy seemed unbeatable. In this round, however, Dogura finally awoke and looked at the sharpest we'd seen him all night.  Could you believe Dogura had the worst showing in the round-robin? It sure doesn’t look like it here! This is yet another example of the excellent caliber of play you see at this level of competitive Street Fighter.

Punk vs Momochi


Match: Group B: Round-Robin


Punk has had his sights set on defeating his Echo Fox teammate since the Arcade Edition update. Adding Cammy to his arsenal was a smart move, but Punk would need more if he wanted to stop Momochi. So, what did he do? Force a mirror match, pitting Kolin against Kolin! Watch this match again, and you’ll see why foreign competition considers Punk a threat in the world of Street Fighter.

Problem X vs ALL of Group C



It was no secret that the United Kingdom’s Problem X was considered a major threat. Although skeptics said that the ‘EU curse’ would continue when he faced the likes of Justin Wong, Snake Eyez, NuckleDu, Brolynho, and Smug, Problem X was undeterred during his path of destruction. The secret is out: whether he’s playing M. Bison or Abigail, Benjamin Simon doesn’t believe in curses. Need an example? Just watch any of his matches from Group C play!