AGE 31
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About Pokchop

A veteran of the fighting game scene, Pokchop has a diverse set of games that he can lay claim to being a top competitor in.  His diverse skill-set and years of experience will be keys to success as he attempts to lead his team to the championship title.

  • Josie Rizal Josie Rizal
  • Bryan Fury Bryan Fury
  • Sergei Dragunov Sergei Dragunov

Josie Rizal tried her best to support her family by balancing two jobs. One as a model, and one as a professional kickboxer. One day, while she was out running on her usual training course along the mountain roads, she was suddenly confronted by an enormous, hairy creature!

Josie screamed, and then fled half in tears, but the creature remained hot on her heels. Realizing she had little chance of escape, Josie abruptly came to a halt, then turned trembling, to face her feral foe...

A savage fighter who uses a kickboxing fighting style. He's reported to have died twice and was somehow revived each time. He once belonged to an international police force, but Dr. Abel and Dr. Bosconovitch made him a replicant with a perpetual generator that keeps him alive.

Sergei Dragunov entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament on army orders. At the designated arena of his first match, a woman appeared before him. There was something strangely familiar about her...

It didn't take Dragunov long to figure out who she was, and he wasted no time in readying himself for combat.